Wolf Children Full Movie (2012)

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General information
  • Released in 2012
  • Rating—PG
  • Genre—Animation/Anime fantasy film
  • Running time—117 minutes
  • Director and co-writer—Mamoru Hosoda
What is anime?

This is a term for a type of Japanese video cartoon and comic book animation.  The one main characteristic with this type of movie is that the main characters always have large doe-like eyes.  This is the prevalent style used in Japanese comic books.  In Japan, this type of book is a form of entertainment for younger and adult audiences.  The story lines are often complex and very sophisticated, extending into episodic series.  Typical anime genres or themes include horror, the supernatural, Ninja, or other martial arts stories.  It also includes science fiction and romance, including space ships and robots.  The foils, for the main characters, will often lack the doe-eyed quality.


The story starts out in Tokyo, Japan when a young human college student named Hana falls in love with a werewolf.  They have two half-human, half wolf children.   The first-born was a daughter named Yuki and a year later, she had a son named Ame.  Soon after their father, while hunting for food, is killed in an accident.  The mother’s life raising two half-wolf children alone is hard.  The two children are constantly switching between their wolf and human forms so she has to hide them.

The movie goes on to detail the struggles the two children have deciding whether they are wolf or human, what decision they make as to which they want to be, human or wolf, with their mother, Hana, reflecting on raising her half-wolf children.  To find out how it ends, and which Yuki and Ame choose to be, human or wolf, you will need to see the movie.

Wolf Children Full Movie review

Wolf children film

Although Wolf Children debuted in Japan in 2012 as the second-highest grossing film in Japan it did not make it to the United States until 2013 on DVD and Blu-Ray, which was the only way you could see this movie.  You may be able to find it online to watch on some of the anime sites.  I was not into anime but my grandson is a huge fan of this genre so we watched it together.  I was surprised at how well the movie told the story.  I have seen some anime cartoons and was not impressed.  I did notice the doe-eye characteristic of the main character.

The story started out being told by her daughter Yuki about how her mom and dad met while her mom was in college.  Her father had attended one class with her mother but was not enrolled in college.  The first five to ten minutes was very slow with the narration from Yuki about her mom, dad, and how her mom and dad moved into an apartment and had her, then her brother.  After the death of their father they came to live in a rundown old farmhouse in the country that her mother tried to fix up for them.  I thought that this was going to be a dud movie but then it started to pick up and become interesting.  This movie managed to show the perseverance, trials, and love of the family.  It portrayed how that love got them through it all.

My grandson is six and though it had a PG rating, it is great to watch as a family.  There are some sad moments but those sad moments did not last long.  They could not make it a totally happy movie because no family is happy all the time.  In addition, with them going through some trials and tribulations, like their father being killed, there needed to be sad moments to make it feel real.  When someone dies you do not run around, laugh, cheer, and have a good time.  You shed tears, hug each other, and share the sorrow of loosing someone you loved.  When children watch this film they get to see how real life can be at times, that it is not always fair.

Hands down, wolf children full movie gets a 10 star rating.  I really liked that the story was told in a way that even a smaller child could understand.  It had a great plot showing the mother’s love and all that she would do to make sure that her family survived.  It was a refreshing movie. A good change from the ones today that are full of violence and sex.  The genre states that it is an anime fantasy movie but call it what you want, it touched on real subjects such as death and the struggle to survive and protect her family, especially from those that might want to destroy the children because they were half-wolf.  However, it was not all a sad movie as it has its funny moments

The one drawback with the movie is that it was almost two hours and for little ones they can become restless so I stopped it after an hour, took a ten-minute break, and then we finished the movie.  It made it easier to sit and watch the rest.  Neither of us wanted the movie to end.  My grandson and I hope that they make a part two but since it has been years since it first debut a second part is most likely not going to happen.

I like the fact that there were only three main characters and some supporting characters.  With only three main characters it did not bog the plot down and have you scratching your head trying to follow the plot or be left confused.  The story flowed smoothly from beginning to end and there was no jumping around, by going backwards and then forward.  The way it started out with Yuki narrating the story between her parents was necessary to set the scene for the movie.

I highly recommend watching Wolf Children full movie because after you have seen it once you are going to want to see it again.  Here are my official ratings.


  • Storyline—10/10
  • Length of movie—7/10
  • Rating of PG—8/10
  • Animation—10/10
  • Over all rating—9/10